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From the words effloresce; to bloom & flair; a distinct personal style.

Efflairesce aims to become a destination for designer jewellery. The brand's unique name is a portmanteau of the words effloresce, meaning to bloom, and flair, for the brand's distinctive style.

As in its name, Efflairesce jewellery can be described as a culmination of two aesthetics: fine and organic. Largely inspired by the natural world, Efflairesce designs twist and turn in interesting shapes and detailed patterns, and pieces are characteristic in their elegant, delicate and feminine style.

Intricate natural inspirations are painstakingly brought to life from detailed drawings through the age-old art of jewellery making.  Fine work and attention to detail are signature elements of Efflairesce designs.

Speaking of her collections, Atiya, the designer, comments, “There is no singular occasion for my pieces; a glamorous night out, a bridal feel or day-to-day wear”.

Efflairesce specialises in a personable design service with custom commissions by the designer herself.  To find out more about bespoke pieces, please see Commissions & Remakes on the Info page.