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Greenery Mood Board

16 January 2017

Pantone's colour of the year for 2017 is all about hope and freshness - a bright and vibrant green simply called 'Greenery' (pretty self-explanatory, really!).  Think the green of new grass or spring leaves, this lively yet calming colour is energetic and inviting, and can be brought into jewellery by using gems such as peridot and green tourmaline.  Both come in different degrees of green - some paler and transluscent whilst others are more opaque and staurated. White or blush pearls are a natural compliment to these gems, in the same way that white flowers in a really green springtime meadow have those Greenery green leaves.  Set in white or oxidised metals, Greenery gems can either look fresh, sophisticated or a bit more edgy.  Get in touch with us at info@efflairesce.co.za to find out about creating your own Greenery green jewellery pieces, or if it's a diffferent kind of look altogether that you're after, we do that too!  Are you a fan of Greenery?