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Home Shop Celebration RINGS Bloom in yellow R 1,150.00 back

Bloom in yellow R 1,150.00
Bloom in yellow R 1,150.00

Bloom in yellow R 1,150.00

Code: R003

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Price: R 1,150.00


Sterling & fine silver, yellow gold-plated, etched, citrine.

Looks great on it's own, or stacked with other Bloom rings for intesnse floral profusion!

Size M 1/2 (medium - large), 2mm wide half-round band, flower 15-17mm wide.

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This item is in stock.  Please see 'Online Shop & Delivery' on our Info page for details about shipping and delivery times.


To prevent tarnishing, remove all silver, plated or oxidised jewellery from the body before exposure to water (swimming, washing hands, showering etc) and chemical products such as soaps, lotions, perfume and hairspray.

Plated pieces - over time with continuous use, gold-plating gradually wears off.  In this case, plating inside the flower will last as it is a protected sruface due to the concave shape. 

Avoid knocks and scratches against hard or abrasive surfaces to prevent damage.

Visit the Info section to find more about jewellery care.